43 ways cheap and smart interior decorators can make your house look more expensive

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We only recommend products that we like and we think you will also like. We may get some sales from the products purchased in this article written by our business team.
Do you want to know a secret? It is entirely possible to make your home look much more expensive than it actually is; all you need is the right tools. Thankfully, these “tools”—that is, all the cheap decorative products on Amazon—are easy to find. In fact, I have done the work for you now, so it is easier to find them. To make your decoration process easier, I contacted some interior designers, and they shared their preferred products, which made the house feel worth a million dollars (even if it’s not…because, the same).
That’s right: this list has everything, from museum-worthy marble bookends to brisk transparent curtains—because, in the words of interior designer Danielle Montgomery of Hillarys Road Interior Design, “Curtains It’s a great way to give a space a sense of expensiveness, and there are several ways to do this within budget.” However, that’s not all. I also offered some suggestions, such as faux sheepskin rugs, peel-and-stick backsplashes, and even flower pots for the thriving greenery in your living room-all of which are recognized by professionals.
That being said, if you are redesigning your budget, don’t worry. These affordable products will make your home look like something outside of the holiday catalog-you don’t have to spend your savings to achieve it.
Dressing table, coffee table, bedside table-this tray will look great almost anywhere. Sharleen Pyarali, the owner and chief interior designer of Clickable Curations, recommended this method of addition-she told Bustle, “Metal finishes make the room feel more luxurious.” Not only is it plated with smooth brass, but everything is Handmade in China.
This footstool is covered in soft and luxurious velvet. Pyarali also recommends this footstool to add a bright touch to any room. Or, if you don’t need any place to rest your feet, you can even put a tray on it and use it as a side table. Since it weighs only 5 pounds, it is especially suitable for small, cramped apartments. Pyarali said: “The discovery of jewellery tones and velvet enhances the appearance of the home. It is perfect for the dressing area or under the console table.”
Pyarali also recommends using these hangers at home. Not only are they made of elegant rose gold hooks, but the soft velvet also helps prevent clothes from slipping off. Each piece is sturdy enough to withstand up to 11 pounds, making it perfect for denim-the slim profile can even help you save space on narrow closet poles. Pyarali said: “Using the same hangers in the closet can make your space feel less cluttered, making your home more thoughtful and making the house look more expensive.”
Even if you rent instead of own, you can still upgrade your kitchen and bathroom with these cabinet handles recommended by the interior designer Danielle Montgomery of Hillarys Road Interiors. Each is individually packaged to help prevent scratches during transportation, and you can even get mounting screws in every order. Montgomery told Bustle, “A good way to add expensive exterior details is to use your hardware. Switch the building grade options for a more customized appearance.”
With brass handles and agate stone backing, these drawer handles-also recommended by Montgomery-add a touch of color in the most unexpected places. Not only are they subtle, but they are as good on the cabinet as they are on the drawer. In addition, the installation only takes a few minutes.
Changing the texture of your home is an easy way to make it look more expensive-for less than $15 for two people, these velvet pillowcases are definitely great value for money. Choose from dozens of colors — from military green to light blue — and seven different sizes. Montgomery recommends adding these to your decorations, he said: “Adding layers of texture is another way to bring an expensive and luxurious look. Pillowcases made of rich velvet, woven or embroidered fabrics are better than the ones that might come with the sofa. Ordinary pillowcases are one grade higher.”
This blanket is made of 100% soft microfiber. Montgomery also recommends using this blanket. It is light enough for cool summer nights, but perfect as a layer on cold winter days. The pompom lace along the border gives it a lovely bohemian touch-unlike some blankets, this blanket is both wrinkle-resistant and fade-resistant.
If you are looking for a Boogie accent for your home, then just search for this faux fur blanket recommended by Montgomery. Unlike some artificial fur, this one will not fall off-it can even resist fading and stains. “The gorgeous blanket is probably one of the softest blankets I have ever felt,” one critic wrote. “It feels like real fur.”
For less than $60, you can get five such large picture frames, which you can arrange as you like. They are suitable for large and blank entrance walls and even the space behind a sofa. In addition, they are made with plastic covers instead of glass-just in case. Montgomery also recommended them, he said: “Your walls also need attention, and modern wall corridors are a good way to reduce the expensive appearance. Choose a simple frame with cushions, and for your entrance, hallway or large wall behind the sofa Create the layout.”
Although some wall lamps require complicated wiring, the wall lamp recommended by Montgomery can be plugged into any conventional wall socket for easy and easy installation. Energy-saving LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, and the soft light it casts is very suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. She told the hustle and bustle, “Lighting! Layered lighting is very important to the space. The combination of ceiling lights and lamps, wall lights and work lighting is a good way to change the atmosphere of the room.”
Speaking of lighting, Montgomery also recommended this lamp-you may never have seen something like this. The curved base and globe are a unique combination that you won’t find anywhere else. The globe is frosted to make the light softer-critics praised how easy it is to assemble.
Montgomery has suggested additional lighting for the kitchen, and it is recommended to add these light strips to your home. Simply peel off the adhesive from them and stick them under the cabinet to upgrade immediately. Each order comes with a remote control so that you can adjust their brightness, set timers, and turn them on and off. Choose from three light temperatures: warm white, cool white or natural white.
As mentioned earlier, Montgomery recommends adding these curtains to your home to “bring an expensive feel to the space.” They are made of translucent linen, which helps increase the privacy of the windows while still letting some natural light through. The hanging bag is large enough to hold most curtain rods, and the anti-wrinkle fabric looks great shortly after taking it out of the packaging.
Sometimes, it is the small accent that makes the room popular—like the golden curtain rod recommended by Montgomery. The end cap styles are neutral, making them match well with almost any style of decoration in your home. The best part? Despite their affordable prices, critics are full of praise for their “high quality”.
You can immediately use these rings (Montgomery recommends) to add a vintage touch to your curtains-they are even available in four finishes: black, polished bronze, satin nickel or gold. There are enough two pairs of standard curtains for each order. “These rings are surprisingly strong,” one commenter wrote. “And the cost is much lower than other rings.”
The exterior of these flower pots has a ceramic nail-like texture, which is an economical way to add a touch of style to your home. They are available in six colors-from matte black to shiny pink-and the drainage holes at the bottom help prevent overwatering. Montgomery also recommends adding these to your home-she said, “Add plants. Plants bring a lot of life to the space.”
Don’t let your flowerpots sit directly on hardwood floors; use this stand-Montgomery also recommends-lift them off the ground for a better appearance. The height is adjustable, and the bamboo frame is light in weight, strong and durable. Choose from two styles: natural bamboo or metal.
Speaking of specific decorations, Montgomery told the hustle and bustle, “Coffee table and bookcase decorations are a great way to bring expensive touches for less money. Mixing metals, textures, books, candles and handed down treasures really add to the curated look of the room. She recommends these bookends. They can help you keep your books upright while adding a touch of chic style. Each piece is made of pure white marble with metallic gold inlays, which is more fashionable. Because each piece is unique, no two pieces are the same.
This crystal-Montgomery recommends-can be used as a cute coffee table decoration in your home (but it can also attract positive energy to your space). It is made of real selenite stone, and one critic even admired “Its luster exudes such a gorgeous light!”
Andra DelMonico, Trendey’s chief interior designer, suggests adding this artificial fur rug to your living space. You can drape the furniture over the furniture to change the texture, or simply lay it flat on the floor to let your feet rest comfortably. It has a non-slip coating, so it will not shift-you can even choose from eight different colors. In fact, DelMonico told Bustle, “To create a sophisticated look, stick to natural colors, such as white, cream, champagne, tan, brown or black.”
Alice Chiu, interior designer of Miss Alice Designs, suggests adding a satellite chandelier to your home. She told Bustle, “The artificial satellite chandelier creates a focal point and a statement that elevates any space. Gold or brass adds warmth to the space.” The six branches are wired, so they can be easily set up out of the box. Choose from two finishes: gold or black.
Chiu also recommends adding artwork to your home to bring “the look and feel of an art museum/gallery, creating luxury in the space”. There are dozens of different designs to choose from, and you can buy multiple of these canvases for each room in your home. They are already framed when they arrive, so all you have to do is hang them up. In addition, you can even get a suspension kit with every order.
Adding a mirror on a blank wall will help reflect light and make a dark room look brighter-and Chiu also recommends this large round mirror for less than $50. It complements the farmhouse decoration, but it is still neutral enough to match almost any style. Qiu said: “Adding a mirror will reflect light, making the space appear larger and brighter, creating a luxurious appearance.” Choose from three finishes: gold, black or matte gold.
Nicole Alexander, the principal and founder of Siren Betty Design, recommends keeping this steamer at home. Yes, you can use it to remove wrinkles on clothes-but it is also suitable for curly curtains. Alexander tells the hustle and bustle, “You should definitely steam those store-bought curtains-wrinkles will make cheap fabrics look cheap.” The extra-long power cord can be moved easily, even if the outlet is far away. With its large reservoir, it can generate steam for up to 15 minutes.
Alexander also recommends using these cord sets at home. She said: “What you rarely see in a professionally designed room: the power cord. [...] An economical solution is to lay paintable cable ducts along the substrate.” When your room When there are a lot of cables and wires, they are absolutely essential. Not only do they help hide your wires, but they also come in three colors to help them blend into the floor or wall: white, black, and beige.
Tom Lawrence-Levy, designer of Natural Asthetik, suggests using this elegant stapler made of transparent acrylic to add luster to your home office. He told Bustle, “Similarly, when styling, details are important! In the office, I like to use personalized office supplies. Unique staplers like this can be placed on top of some coffee table books to easily enhance your work space. “Each order comes with 1,000 rose gold staples to match-even as a gift for colleagues. In addition, a reviewer even wrote how they owned it for three weeks, but it still didn’t get stuck once.
Ruthie Staalsen, designer of Ruthie Staalsen Interiors, recommends adding this faux zebra rug to your room to help bring black and white into the decor. She said: “My suggestion for the home to make it look more refined is to use black and white as much as possible. It enhances the appearance and makes everything look expensive.” This carpet is made of soft suede. , It can be easily cleaned with a small amount of spray, and the non-slip backing prevents it from moving on the floor.
Interior designer Jillian Rene from Studio Den Den recommends adding “bold modern lighting” to your home-she recommends this paper lantern. Show it in a dark corner to help illuminate things. It is easy to load and unload, and is a great addition to the everyday Zoom background-but you can even use it as a soft reading light. She said: “I tell almost all customers, if you want to spend money anywhere, then spend the money on lighting. Diffuse light and modern lamps can completely change the space.”
Jillian Rene also recommends adding these candlesticks to your home. Completely modern, with a touch of retro (due to gold), they are an easy way to classify any dining table. Each order comes with a small, medium and large bracket, and the heavier weight prevents them from tipping over. Choose gold or silver.
Ana Bueno, interior designer of Ana B Arch Design, recommends adding an antique front door knocker to your home. She recommends this antique door knocker; the retro look is completely lead-free compared to all other door knockers on the block.
Backsplashes may be difficult to install unless you are using the peel and paste version-like the one recommended by Bueno. Both renters and homeowners can appreciate the stylish white mosaic design, and the reflective surface can even help reflect a little light in a dark kitchen. She said: “Peel-off and rod-shaped backsplashes are all the rage. Mother-of-pearl shades will make the kitchen or bathroom look brighter, cleaner, and more attractive.”
Bueno recommends that this chandelier adopts antique brass lampshade, which can completely change the space. She said: “For industrial appearance but want to maintain a modern feel, these chandeliers are the perfect upgrade.” In addition, for lower ceilings, the length can even be adjusted. “These have had a great impact on the aesthetics of our kitchen,” a critic admired. “Through their open appearance, they emit a lot of light.”
With its drop-down design and smooth oily appearance, this faucet looks much more expensive than it actually is. (Your wallet can thank you later.) Bueno recommends it, he said: “We don’t always consider upgrading our kitchen sink, but by adding different faucets, it can enhance the appearance and function.” Each The order comes with detailed instructions, so you don’t need to call a plumber to install it. What if you don’t like oil rubbed bronze? It is also available in a chrome-plated version.
Just remove the adhesive and you can paste this wallpaper (recommended by Bueno) wherever you like. Unlike ordinary wallpaper, this wallpaper is easy to disassemble (very suitable for renters). And since it is even moisture-proof, you can put it in the bathroom without worrying about it falling apart. Bueno said: “Peeling and pasting wallpaper is fun and easy. Amazon has any design and color palette imaginable. My favorite is the floral design.”
Erica Stewart, founder of Fashion Fair House interior design development and investment company, suggests adding these fake succulents to your home. She tells the hustle and bustle, “These fake succulents give off the feeling of living plants and require no maintenance.” They are a cost-effective way to add a touch of green to your home, and there are even six different styles of products for each order.
Stewart also recommended these prints-although you have to mount it yourself, the price is less than $20, which is very reasonable. Blue watercolors are soothing, allowing you to hang them in any space in a relaxed atmosphere. Hang them in your bathroom, bedroom, or even display them at the entrance of your front door as a way of welcoming guests.
Hanging a string of lights-like those recommended by Stewart-is an easy way to add a soothing atmosphere to an outdoor patio or even your bedroom. She said: “The string of lights adds a touch of warmth to indoor and outdoor spaces.” The lights are waterproof to prevent rain, and there are even eight different LED effects to choose from: wave, slow light, flashing, and so on.
Ordinary candles will gradually extinguish, and these LED candles can provide more than 150 hours of lighting using only three AA batteries. Stewart recommends adding these to your home, stating that they will “add the perfect elegance to any room.” The fake flame flickers like real fire, and there is even a built-in timer that can be turned off after five hours—just to help protect the battery.
KD Reid, the interior designer of KD Reid Interiors, suggests adding this vase to your home, and it will definitely surprise you. It is small enough for your desktop, or you can even put it on the windowsill. The best part? Some critics praised it as “absolutely amazing”.
KD Reid also recommends adding these seaweed baskets to your living space. You can use them to fix blankets, plants, etc.-they are versatile and you can use them for almost anything. With woven handles on both sides, it can be easily transported from one room in the home to another.
Not only is it made of ultra-durable borosilicate glass, but this coffee machine — suggested by KD Reid — also looks great. The interior does not absorb odors or chemical residues, and the dump design allows you to refrigerate and reheat the coffee without losing any flavor.
These agate stone coasters recommended by KD Reid are available in five different colors and are a fun way to add color to your living room. They use soft rubber as a backing to help protect your surface from scratches. Unlike other coasters, each of these coasters is completely unique because they are made of real stone.
You can’t go wrong with adding a little green to your home, this glass container suggested by KD Reid is an ideal place for small succulents. Although plants and soil are not included, the glass is super transparent-if you put it outside, the panel is even waterproof.

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